Comments Policy

Update to Comments Policy (April 2014)

Unfortunately, my schedule recently has made moderating and responding to comments something I do not regularly have the time to adequately support. But, rather than complete turn off all commenting, I have instead decided to strongly moderate all comments. Comments are not completely closed, but there is now a good chance your comment will not be posted if I find it does not help support the goals of my blog and/or I do not have time to respond appropriately. Sorry. Other comment rules below still apply.


In general, I want discussion to flow on this blog as I would want to shepherd it in an adult Bible study class. This goals of this blog are largely limited to three areas:

  1. Force me to keep thinking regularly about my God, his holy word the Bible, and the truths that are contained within it.
  2. Encourage, challenge and equip other Christians.
  3. Expose the false teachings that are contrary to the Christian faith.

I reserve the right to remove anyone’s comments that I do not think are edifying to the Christian faith and do not satisfy those three goals. I may, at times, support dialog with people who disagree with me, and other times may not when I do not think it is helpful. It also means that I will not allow my blog to be a platform for false teaching (because it is my blog). Practically this means that all comments can be moderated at my capricious whims.

Comment Rules

  1. Be on topic (which means read my post completely before commenting).
  2. Be polite and keep everything G-rated.
  3. Keep all comments under 500 words. WordPress does not appear to let me monitor this automatically, so I may just remove a post when it seems too long. Posting 4 successive comments less than 500 words does not allow you exemption from this rule. Most of my posts are less than 500 words, so your reply should be also.
  4. Your comments may be deleted or portions deleted without explanation.
  5. All rules are subject to be modified or ignored by the moderator (that’s me) at any time and without notification or explanation.

2 responses to “Comments Policy

  1. Wonderful site. I am enjoying it very much, I just discovered this. Some background: In 2011, I spent the better part of the summer investigating Beth Moore using various resources, after becoming suspicious of some of her teachings. You’ve probably heard over and over how Christian women’s groups embrace her almost unconditionally. One night she made a remark that made me so uncomfortable that the glasses came off, and I started digging. After many hours I came to the same conclusions you did. I also learned a lot. I also listened to Strange Fire and have learned how to look at the teachings of the charismatic movement, which seems to be all around me here in NC. I hope you keep writing and use that Sword!

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