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Yoido False Gospel Church

yuidoLast week I took my first trip to Seoul, South Korea where I saw the church building for what Wikipedia declares to be the largest Pentecostal Christian church in the world with somewhere between 700,000 and 1,000,000 members. I snapped the attached picture as we drove by one time. Coming from a little congregation that has perhaps 150 people on a Sunday, those numbers are staggering. That is at least half as many people as reside in the entire state of Idaho where I live. Unfortunately, the Yoido Full Gospel Church should be more accurately called the “False Gospel Church.” Here are a series of  quotes taken from the “About Us” section of their web site. First, they proclaim the false prosperity Gospel:

All believers who are saved are set free from the spiritual, mental, and physical sicknesses that we may enjoy good health.

Secondly, they teach that our words have creative power:

Our lives will become what we say. First, proclaim the word of hope aloud. Second, unfold your faith with spoken words. Third, say something creative and prosperous.

These are the same deadly errors spread in the United States by false teachers like Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer and so many others. It is sad to see that the same false gospel dominates South Korea just as it does the United States. The name of Christianity and, even worse, the name of Jesus Christ are used to mislead people by promising them false earthly hopes when all they can truly deliver is an eternity under God’s wrath. It is truly heart breaking. And a sobering reminder that one of the greatest mission fields in the world is among the people who call themselves Christian, but have never heard the true gospel.


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