Sarah Young is a False Prophet

Jesus_CallingSince tomorrow marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season, I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone to avoid the Jesus Calling series of books by Sarah Young. These books are unfortunately massive best-sellers. If you go into a Christian book store (whether a physical building or online), you will find the Jesus Calling books prominently displayed. Do not be fooled into buying them. Sarah Young is a false prophet and a false teacher! The words she records as being directly from the mouth of Jesus are, at best, figments of her own imagination or, at worst, demonic. If you want some more information on Sarah Young and the Jesus Calling book, here is a link to my detailed review.


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6 responses to “Sarah Young is a False Prophet

  1. Do you know Julia of Steak and a Bible? I think you and she would be good blogfriends.

  2. Never heard of this book before nor this author but thank you for this warning…

  3. I came across this post and I just had to chime in.

    I’ll start by saying that I actually like the “Jesus Calling” devotional. Now with that being said I do believe there is only one true Word of God and that is what we should be following. I do not believe Sarah Young is a false prophet or especially demonic. I believe she simply wrote what she learned through prayer and scripture. After all, God speaks to each of us in our own unique way.

    Many devote Christians do not like that the book was written as the first-person voice of Jesus and understandably so, however you really need to take the book with a grain of salt and the understanding that Jesus did not actually write the book. If you can get past that then it really is a good daily devotional and a good reminder that Jesus is with us every day.

    • Justin,

      I would encourage you to read my lengthy review of Jesus Calling. The problem is not just that Sarah Young writes in the first-person voice of Jesus, but that she claims they are Jesus’ very words:

      This practice of listening to God has increased my intimacy with Him more than any other spiritual discipline, so I want to share some of the messages I have received (Young, Introduction, loc. 701).

      While it is Sarah Young writing the book, she makes it very clear that the words are not hers. Just as the Bible was written down by human authors, but the words were breathed-out by God (2 Timothy 3:16). And, as I demonstrate in the review, the words she attributes to Jesus could not have come from him because they often contradict Scripture. And, if they are not the words of Jesus as she claims, then she is a false prophet.

      Finally, I disagree with your statement that God speaks to each of us in our own unique way. God speaks to us today through the Bible.