Like His Brothers in Every Respect – Hebrews 2:17-18

Therefore he had to be made like his brothers in every respect, so that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in the service of God, to make propitiation for the sins of the people. For because he himself has suffered when tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted. (Hebrews 2:17-18).

What an incredible thought. Well, actually there are probably 1000 incredible thoughts buried in those 2 verses, but right now I am thinking of Jesus, the great God of the Universe, the Creator of all things, the eternal, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, God being made like me. And like you. To lie in a dirty stable at his birth. To walk the long, dusty roads to proclaim the Good News of the kingdom. To heal and comfort the afflicted. To bring salvation to both Jews and Gentiles. To die. For sinners like me. And for sinners like you.

crown_of_thornsTo be made like me and you so that He could how us mercy. To turn away the deserved wrath of God. To have empathy in our sufferings. To help us in our times of need. To mediate between us and the Father. To be our merciful and faithful high priest in serving God on our behalf. Hallelujah, what a Savior!

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