More Prayer From John Knox

John_Knox_2The following is the second half of a prayer from the Scottish Reformer, John Knox (first half is here). I used this as the opening prayer yesterday for our Bible study at church.

O Lord, strengthen our faith;
kindle it more in zeal and love towards you, and our neighbors, for your sake.
Suffer us not, most dear Father, to receive your word any more in vain;
but grant us always the assistance of your grace and Holy Spirit,
that in heart, word, and deed, we may sanctify and do worship to your name.

Help to amplify and increase your kingdom;
that whatsoever you send, we will be heartily content with your good pleasure and will.
O Father, let us not lack anything we need to serve you;
but bless all the works of our hands, that we may have sufficient for our needs,
and let us not be a liability, but rather let us be helpful to others.

Be merciful, O Lord, to our offenses;
and seeing that our debt is great, which you have forgiven us in Jesus Christ,
make us to love you and our neighbors so much the more.

Be our Father, our Captain and Defender in all temptations;
hold by your merciful hand; that we may be delivered from all hardships,
and end our lives in the sanctifying and honoring of your holy name,
through Jesus Christ our Lord and only Savior.

Let your mighty hand and outstretched arm, O Lord, be still our defense;
your mercy and loving-kindness in Jesus Christ, your dear Son, our salvation;
your true and holy word our instruction;
your grace and Holy Spirit our comfort and consolation, unto the end and in the end.
O Lord, increase our faith. Amen.

Please note that I modified this prayer slightly for modern English.



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