Blinded by science

I receive a monthly magazine that covers advancements in the fields of electrical and computer engineering. Regularly there are articles which discuss how engineers are trying to design systems that mimic the amazing capabilities that are found in nature. Now, the irony is that the articles always describe humans designing these systems using their own intelligence to imitate things in nature that (according to them) were definitely not designed but came about by a completely non-intelligent evolutionary process. Hmmmm.

Internet router

This month’s article was about how engineers were trying to design a better Internet by copying the human autonomic nervous system that merely “controls breathing, digestion, blood circulation, body heat, the killing of pathogens, and many other bodily functions.” So the system that does all of those things came about without any design or intelligence, but our best minds are having a hard time copying the idea simply to move data around. Right.

This only reminds me of Romans 1:19:

For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.

Now, I am not pointing fingers. I grew up immersed in the secular science world of our public school systems and supplemented it by rabidly reading Discover and National Geographic at home. The evidence that all of creation was designed by the superior intellect of God was plainly staring me in the face, but I did not believe. It is only because God chose in his time and for his purposes to regenerate me and remove the scales from my eyes that I can see these things now. Thanks be to God.


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