Me too

Every night at bedtime, we sing a Bible-themed song with our children and pray with them. Recently I was singing Amazing Grace to my 4-year old son, Eli. And to those who have heard me, I use the term “singing” in only the broadest sense of the word. After singing the first verse, I spent some time teaching Eli about John Newton, the writer of the hymn. Most of you are probably aware of Newton’s background working in the slave trade industry during the 1700’s. (If not, it is worth reading about). I explained to Eli that Amazing Grace is a testimony to God’s amazing grace in saving a wicked sinner like John Newton who long, long ago helped capture black people, like his little sister Grace, and made them becomes slaves.

After explaining the background, I sang that first stanza to Eli again. Then, as I tucked him in for the night, he said with all sweetness, “I’m sure glad that he did not capture Grace.” Yes, me too, Eli. Me too.




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