But that doesn’t seem fair – James 2:10

In the Vacation Bible School class last night, my wife asked the kids to give examples of small versus big sins. While we may not all agree where to draw the line separating small from big, we all do draw this line. The eventual point of the discussion was that any sin, big or small, is a violation of God’s holiness and, therefore, deserving of judgment. As the Bible clearly teaches us:

For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become accountable for all of it (James 2:10).

However, we tend to fall into the habit of comparing ourselves to other people and think we are doing OK. The problem is that we are comparing ourselves to other people rather than to God and his standards. God’s requirement is that we keep 100% of his laws perfectly, all the time. Murder means failure just as a little lie means failure.

I think this is another of examples of those Bible concepts we can understand with our minds, but have a difficult time grasping with our hearts. Which is, again, why we have to believe what God’s Word says, rather than how we feel things perhaps should be.

Ultimately, looking at God’s law and the impossibility of keeping it perfectly should clearly remind us of our desperate need for a Savior.


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