Our Kneecaps Declare the Glory of God

Imagine if your auto mechanic told you, “Well, you see there are these two beams in your chassis that, over time, were supposed to weld themselves together. Yours never did, so we need to get under the car, drop the muffler, and weld those beams together.” You would look at your mechanic like he had totally lost his mind. Your car does not weld itself together.

Yesterday my teenage son had surgery on his left knee to remove a 2cm piece of bone that was causing him pain. As described to me, when we are born there are two bones that will eventually fuse together to form each of our patellas (kneecaps). In some people, like my eldest son, these bones never fuse. As I lay awake last night I was pondering the miracles that are my own kneecaps. My bones fused. Totally unknown to me. I did not have to make them fuse, tell them to fuse, or even be aware that they were ever not fused. It all happened because my body is a miraculous self-building, self-repairing factory of enormous complexity. At one point in my existence I was a single cell which contained all the information to eventually (but not too soon or too late) tell the bones of my kneecap to fuse together. Miraculous! And many of you now reading this are probably feeling your kneecaps to determine if your kneecaps have fused. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, you did not and cannot will it to happen.

Likewise the bones at the top of the skull of a newborn are not fused when they are born. Yet, they too will miraculously fuse without any intervention. If they fused too early, the birth might not be possible. If they never fuse, the brain is left dangerously exposed. Yet, countless millions of babies are born every year with unfused bones that allow them to pass down the birth canal. And in countless millions of young children these bones are in the slow process of fusing as your read this. Miraculous!

So, I did not sleep as much as I probably needed last night. But, I did get to ponder the greatness and glory of God…as revealed by my kneecaps. Praise Him!


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